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New in 1.2

Mindspun Payments fires Javascript custom events during the checkout lifecycle. You can use these events to run your own Javascript. Some events are cancellable and noted as such.


  • detail: The form object that was submitted.

This event is fired when the checkout form is submitted. The event is cancellable, so you must return a truth value from an event listener for form submission to proceed. If you return a falsy value, the form submission is cancelled. This event is useful to validate other form data beyond the Stripe Elements.


  • detail: null

This event tells all checkout form elements to return to their default states, i.e., to clear the form.


  • detail: null

The checkout process was completed successfully.

This event fires in two places:

  • Whenever the ‘Success Message’ inner block of the ‘Checkout’ block is shown.
  • On the DOMContentLoaded event of the ‘Thank you’ page.

This event signals a conversion, so if you’re tracking conversions, use this event.


  • detail: The price ID of the item added to the shopping cart.

The user clicked an ‘Add To Cart’ button and the item was successfully added to the user’s shopping cart.

NOTE: If the checkout mode is set to ‘Redirect to Checkout Page’, this event does not trigger.