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WooCommerce Subscriptions Alternative
Woocommerce Subscriptions Alternative
Mindspun Payments vs WooCommerce Subscriptions 

WooCommerce is a feature-rich plugin, but it’s not ready to handle subscriptions out of the box. Setting up subscriptions with WooCommerce requires another plugin, which is not ideal when trying to keep things as simple and lightweight as possible.

MindSpun Payments offers a better alternative. It’s a lightweight plugin that lets you launch your subscription business on WordPress in minutes without the need for multiple plugins. MindSpun Payments has tight integration with Stripe, a popular payment processor, and you can manage everything from subscriptions to products directly within your Stripe dashboard.

Ready to ditch the setup hassle and start selling faster? Let’s see how MindSpun Payments stacks up against WooCommerce Subscriptions.

How Mindspun Payments Makes Selling Subscriptions Easier Than WooCommerce.

Building a subscription store with WooCommerce often requires a complex setup: WooCommerce itself, additional plugins for subscriptions and licensing, and a payment gateway. MindSpun Payments simplifies this by eliminating the need for WooCommerce and its extensions.

MindSpun Payments takes a simpler approach. Focus on turning your WordPress website into a subscription service with just MindSpun Payments and Stripe. This means faster loading times, easier store management, and peace of mind knowing expert help is readily available from the MindSpun developers.

Skip the Learning Curve, Sell with Ease with MindSpun Payments

WooCommerce Subscriptions has been around for a while, offering a robust solution for creating an online store. However, creating a subscription-based e-commerce store with WooCommerce involves multiple plugins that are complex even for experienced website builders. 

With a high entry barrier and higher costs involved with building a WooCommerce Subscriptions store, the newer Mindspun Payments plugin is a much better proposition that is simpler and much faster to set up and works with a simple WordPress website and the block editor.

Mindspun PaymentsWooCommerce Subscriptions
No dependency on other pluginsNeeds WooCommerce plugin
Works with Stripe out of the boxPayment Gateway needs to be configured
Easier product management from within StripeThe product Catalog is maintained through WooCommerce.
Takes a few minutes to set up products and start sellingTakes hours to set up an entire store
Keep Your Store Speedy: Performance Matters for Sales

The sheer size of WooCommerce store translates to a performance-cost, and the last thing you want to do is slow customers down.

This is especially true for WooCommerce checkout pages where aggressive caching is limited.  To maintain a smooth experience on a WooCommerce store, you will need to invest in a more robust and high-end hosting plan.

MindSpun Payments keeps your store fast and lightweight. Compared to a WooCommerce store, the size and resource footprint is significantly smaller. Meanwhile, Stripe handles the heavy lifting of payment processing, ensuring a smooth checkout experience.

Build your subscription store on a simple WordPress website and invest in your business, not server upgrades. Choose MindSpun Payments for a fast and efficient subscription store.

Mindspun PaymentsWooCommerce Subscriptions
You can quickly build a lightweight e-commerce store using WordPress and MindSpun Payments.WooCommerce stores are larger, and more resources are needed to run them.
It can be used with various caching solutions without any extra effort.Caching is used with caution as it can break site functionality.
Performs much better on smaller hosting servers comparatively.Large Woo stores need high-end hosting
The checkout experience is slowStripe handles checkout
Build Your Store Your Way: A Simple and User-Friendly Experience

WooCommerce offers a variety of features and integrations, allowing you to build a dynamic store. If you need to build a complex store, you get everything you need. However, for a simple subscription store, this flexibility might not be necessary and can even feel overwhelming.

MindSpun Payments, being a more straightforward option, provides a user-friendly experience.MindSpun delivers the essential features to build a thriving subscription store without unnecessary complexity.

Mindspun PaymentsWooCommerce Subscriptions
Simpler and straightforward setupFeature-rich to build a dynamic subscription store
Fewer menus and quick to set up and import products.Lots of complex settings that need to be configured
Products are managed through a Stripe account and are easy to add anywhere on the WordPress site.Product pages have a lot of customization options
Affordable Pricing & Reliable Support with MindSpun Payments

Building a subscription-based e-commerce store shouldn’t break the bank. WooCommerce Subscriptions license costs $279 per year, that is a significant investment on its own and for adding more functionality you will need to purchase additional add-ons like Email Reminders for Woo separately.

Comparatively, Mindspun Payments is less expensive and doesn’t require using WooCommerce or any other Woo plugin. Our pricing is simpler and starts at just $99 per year. New features like the SliceWP integration are available for free.

Beyond cost, reliable support is crucial. The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is rated 3.5 out of 5 on It also needs faster support from the developers to individual customers. 

The team behind Mindspun Payments is very responsive, and the customers get support directly from the plugin developer rather than middle-man support personnel. 

Mindspun PaymentsWooCommerce Subscriptions
Costs $99 per yearCosts $279 per year
The developers themselves provide support. Reaching high-level support has a lot of barriers.
Less need for plugins means less run-ins with compatibility issues.We have to fix compatibility issues with other Woo extensions when they happen.
The Simpler Choice for Subscription Success

Building a subscription store with WooCommerce takes time and effort.  Multiple plugins, configuration steps, and ongoing maintenance can quickly add up, taking time away from growing your business.

Mindspun Payments offers a refreshing alternative. Explicitly designed for subscriptions, it eliminates the need for WooCommerce and its extensions.  This means:

Faster Setup

Launch your subscription store in minutes rather than hours.

Lower Costs

Start selling with an affordable pricing plan, saving money on plugins and potentially hosting upgrades.

Simpler Experience

Focus on building a beautiful and user-friendly store with the familiar block editor.

Dedicated Support

Enjoy responsive assistance directly from the Mindspun Payments developers.