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These settings specify WordPress pages devoted to specific purposes. This plugin never creates or deletes pages on installation so it’s up to the user to select them as desired.


This user is redirected to this page to supply their payment details. It must contain the ‘Checkout’ block (recommended) or the [payment-checkout] shortcode, but otherwise may be styled in any way desired.

This page is required to take payments.


Overrides the default WordPress login page with the specified page.

The specified page must contain the ‘Login’ block (recommended) or the

[ERROR] This shortcode has no content! Please copy the shortcode from the block editor.


Consistent branding is extremely important during the checkout process to maximize sales conversions.

Allowed Redirect Hosts

WordPress limits the URLs that may be redirected to after a successful login. If you are using the Payments plugin as a third-party authentication provider – presumably via JWTs – then you will likely need to allow a redirect back to your outside application. Add additional URLs in the text area. Multiple URLs may be specificed – one per line.

This control provides an easy no-code way to pass values to the allowed_redirect_hosts hook. See the WordPress documentation for additional information.