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About Us

At Mindspun, we help entrepreneurs, digital creators, and online sellers like you to transform your vision into a reality.

Our mission is to break down the barriers and pave the way for building, selling, and scaling with WordPress in the growing creator economy.

We are engineers first and stubbornly so. We want to get things right without cutting corners. We started by solving WordPress’ performance issues by building a container-based hosting stack. This is the foundation for much of what we do.

In 2023, we fully embraced WordPress blocks to align with the platform’s future, changing the way we develop products. Mindspun Payments is the first plugin we developed and is fully compatible with the block editor. It extends its controls so users can lay out and format their products as they wish for any device.

Mindspun is owned and operated by Matt Laue, a developer and 20+-year veteran of the US tech scene.

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We’re always keen to talk to other businesses or freelancers who share our ideas about WordPress.

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