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What is Ghost?

Ghost is a blogging platform built from the ground up for today’s internet. It’s never been easier to publish your work and to attract eager readers.

Mindspun allows you to turn your Ghost blog into a full website. It’s the place to grow your idea into a business.


We think it should be easy for you to put your work out into the world. Mindspun makes it easy to create and launch your Ghost website.

You can create beautiful, functional, and minimal sites with Ghost’s WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor or the more advanced markdown editor. You can also easily add dynamic content like embedded videos.

With Mindspun, your next website could be up and running in minutes—without you ever having to write a single line of code or having to install any third-party apps or plugins.

You will probably spend more time picking out your project’s name than you will getting it set up.


Everyone hates waiting for websites to load. Ideally, your site should load in faster than 3 seconds. After that, visitors start leaving. Google has also made it clear that site load speed, especially on mobile, is a key SEO factor.

Mindspun is built for speed.

The Ghost software is minimal and modern. It doesn't have years of bloat.

Our servers are configured to ensure your site loads quickly, and downtime is virtually zero.


We take security seriously. The platform automatically enables HTTPS instead of making you pay extra for a security certificate.

The internet can be a dangerous place—the problem with many legacy blogging platforms is that they utilize many third-party plugins. Every plugin or theme is a potential backdoor to your site. Bloated code and complex updating processes can make your website vulnerable to a wide variety of common hacking techniques.

Ghost’s minimal, secure structure doesn't depend on third-party software to work. It’s harder for hackers to break into Mindspun accounts because there are fewer ways to access your site.

You can have the peace of mind of knowing that your data and work are safe.


Mindspun makes it easy for you to publish your work while also ensuring that you remain in control.

You decide how your site looks, your posts' structure, and how and when you publish. You own all of your content.

You can also bring your own custom domain to Mindspun.

We help you build your platform so that no matter what the future of the internet brings, you always know that you have a digital home that you own and control.


Mindspun was designed to maximize your SEO potential. You don’t just want to publish your work—you also want excited readers!

Search engine bots love indexing and ranking sites built on the Ghost platform.

We make it easier for your work to appear in search engines so that you can start building an audience of loyal fans faster.

Easy to start, fast to grow

Ghost makes it simple to start your content strategy.

Made for
Made for
Made for
Made for creators building the future.

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