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The Mindspun difference

Keeping focus on what helps move the needle

Building solutions that are solid, simple, and bloat-free
Investing in the future of WordPress. Built with Blocks.
Offering expert and meaningful support, at every stage of your project

What Customers Say?

We were looking for a Stripe payment plugin that would work well with our block-based theme. Mindspun check all the boxes and more, and the team have been a great help to get us going.

Jenna Ortega

I have been using Mindspun Hosting for my website hosting needs, and I am thoroughly impressed with their exceptional service. From the moment I signed up, the experience has been seamless and reliable.

John Ocampo
WP Biz Dev

More than support: we are your technical advisors

To compete, solopreneurs and small businesses need access to the same level of expertise as big players have.

Here′s how we serve our customers:

Expert support

Not just canned responses. We dig as deep as we can to get the root of a problem.


Clearly written guides and instructions that we update 


Hire us as advisors or leverage our team of developers for your next project.

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Engineered for the Creator Economy

Mindspun exists to serve a new breed of entrepreneurs that build amazing businesses from simple ideas.

We help them by ensuring that the technical foundation is solid and scalable, so that they can focus on growing their businesses.

We work with WordPress because it remains the most powerful, flexible and accessible framework for digital creators. 

Matt Laue
Founder, Mindspun