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Mindspun Payments 1.2

Mindspun Payments 1.2: block emails and more

When we announced 1.1, we said we planned to release smaller releases in the future. Well, we’re still working on that because 1.2 has several major improvements based on customer feedback.

Email Add-On

Our new Email Add-on significantly improves customer onboarding. Using only the WordPress Block Editor, you can create captivating HTML emails for user events. Say goodbye to mundane WordPress text emails and welcome new users to your site in a way that truly engages them.

But that’s not all. With Mindspun 1.2, you can effortlessly send beautiful HTML emails when a user purchases a product. You can guide them on how to get started and even introduce them to other products they might find interesting. It’s as easy as a few clicks.

We’ve spun up a new demo site where you can try it: https://demo.mindspun.com

Express Checkout Block

We’ve all been selling digital products wrong.  Digital products aren’t like physical products: there’s no inventory or shipping, and getting the product is instantaneous.   So why do we put them in a ‘shopping cart,’ carry them around, and then checkout?

With the new Express Checkout block, users can purchase a product with a single click without leaving the page they’re on. The block supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets that are particularly important for mobile sales. 

And like everything Mindspun, it’s fully responsive and customizable without code.

Buy a product with a link

You can now add a product and go to the checkout page with a single link.

Add links to your emails to upsell your customers on other products!  This is a powerful sales tool when used in conjunction with the new Email Add-on.

Confetti Add-on

Sometimes, features can just be fun. With the confetti add-on, you can celebrate conversions using a fun animation.

Confetti Effect in Mindspun Payments

Usability Improvements

We’ve made lots of little tweaks to help users get started with Mindspun Payments and to help their users get started with the products they purchase.   This will be a continued focus for the next several months/releases as we learn what problems users have and make the process easier and easier.   If you find something confusing or want to suggest how it could be better, don’t hesitate to reach out.   We love user feedback.

More Information

Learn more about our WordPress Stripe Plugin.

See the full release notes: https://www.mindspun.com/payments/change-log/.

Try everything in this release and more: https://demo.mindspun.com/.

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