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Payments – Change Log


  • Major refactor based on beta feedback.
  • Full block support in addition to shortcodes.
  • Better Stripe subscription handling.


  • Fixes a bug in settings save.


  • Add a ‘features’ editor to the product page to be used in templates and associated shortcode.
  • Change the displayed plugin name to ‘Mindspun Payments’.
  • Automated plugin updates for subsequent versions.
  • Add REST API endpoints for JWT management.
  • Allow a logout POST request without a nonce for cached pages.
  • Fix HTTP_HOST when run via the wp-cli.
  • Add a default image for products.
  • Fix button sizing for ‘Add to Cart’ on error.


  • Don’t show the access panel in the post editor for custom post types without meta fields.


  • Add the ability to specify SameSite for JWTs.
  • Fix the password visibility icon on mobile.


  • Add the ability to extend allowed_redirect_hosts for login redirects.
  • Add JWT support for external services to use WordPress as an identity provider.
  • Allow changing the name and filename for downloads on the product details page.
  • Give a warning about limited functionality on the welcome page for local installations.
  • Add the ability to specify a login page in the welcome page.
  • Improved locking mechanism for protected pages.
  • Remove noindex pages from the sitemap.
  • Refactor access on the post editor for a more consistent UI.
  • Add the ability to toggle visibility on admin password fields.


  • Fix a bug in admin CSS versioning.


  • Add a better welcome success message with a link to the products page.
  • Make the account shortcode tabbed by default.
  • Add environment type to the status page.
  • Make the default color for the plugin icon gray instead of fill color.


  • Add the ability to control how subscriptions are added to the shopping cart.
  • Expand the shortcodes documentation on the ‘pages’ admin page.
  • Add X-Robots-Tag: noindex header for redirected pages.
  • Change the post meta box access checkbox to a toggle switch.
  • Remove the users_can_register check from the register template.


  • Fix a bug in Javascript error display for the ‘Add-to-Cart’ button.


  • Initial Beta release