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Join Our Community Of Ambitious Digital Creators

Join Our Community of Ambitious Digital Creators

A space for those who want to sell online using WordPress and get it right.

It’s September already! It feels like just yesterday that we launched the Beta of Mindspun Payments, and the end of the year is approaching fast.

A quick update on what we are doing. A few months ago we decided to go full-on block development for the plugin, creating a small library for the editor.

It’s been hard and it has delayed launch, but was a very useful exercise. We now have a much better understanding of what the future of WordPress looks like and have become quite handy at coding blocks too.

As part of the process, and by attending events (including WordCamp US), we’ve had the opportunity to talk to people about their challenges selling online. Complexity was a common theme, as well as being forced to use a multitude of plugins and add-ons to achieve something relatively simple.

The idea came to us to shift those conversations to a space where more people can participate, and after asking around a Facebook Group turns out to be the best place for this.

Introducing our WordPress Solutions for Digital Creators Group

We want to grow a community of ambitious solopreneurs, startups and scaleups using WordPress to grow their idea from zero to B.H.A.G, their – Big Hairy Audacious Goal. We fall in this category too!

The focus is on getting the right tech in place, with WordPress at the heart of the stack. Covering development, operations, management and best practices. It’s not going to be a place to trade in shortcuts.

You will also find a bias towards WordPress’ block-based future. We think now is the time to commit to an approach that will shape how we build future experiences in WordPress. Better to get going now and avoid being stuck with legacy solutions.

Interested? Head over to Facebook, sign up and say hello.

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