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Copy files to your site using SFTP

Mindspun hosting does not allow FTP access to your site but instead uses the far more secure SFTP. Note: not FTPS.

Depending upon your OS, there are numerous clients available, but in this How-To, we’ll use the command-line version, where the commands are nearly the same regardless of the operating system.


Authentication is passwordless using SSH keys. Set up your SSH Keys, then

  • Username: <site_id>
  • Hostname: <server hostname>

Using sftp

A typical connection looks like the following, assuming the above credentials.

$ sftp wps-63ade12f3dac66c8.mindspun.io
Connected to wps-63ade12f3dac66c8.mindspun.io.
sftp> \quit

You may use any hostname for your site.

The sftp command takes you to the wp-content folder of your site, and from there, you can modify any files you choose.

Other programs

SFTP is familiar to many users but rsync may be a better choice. See the rsync how-to for instructions.