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Use rsync

Using rsync is the easiest way to update your site continuously.

Mindspun Hosting uses rsync over SSH to ensure all traffic to and from your site is transmitted securely.

WARNING: You may overwrite any file on your site, so it is possible to break it. Test this process with a development site first to ensure you don’t overwrite a crucial file.

Setup SSH Keys

To use rsync over SSH, you must first upload your SSH public key to your site in the Mindspun Hosting Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Mindspun Dashboard and log in with your credentials if prompted.
  • Select the server and site.
  • Click on the ‘Actions’ button.
  • Select ‘SSH Keys’
Set up SSH Keys in Mindspun Hosting

A modal will be shown that asks you to copy and paste your public SSH key. You may enter multiple keys on separate lines.

Click ‘Save’ to complete the process.

Test SSH

It’s a good idea to test SSH access directly before running rsync.

The SSH username is your Site ID, found in your dashboard.

For example, if your Site ID is 653ea50e9a01a183 and your server hostname is then the SSH command would be:


On the first connection, there is some initial setup, and then you are taken to a shell on your site. Note that SSH is running inside a dedicated container – different from the one your site runs in.


To copy a file or files to your site using rsync, the command is of the form:

rsync -avz /path/to/file

where /path/to/file is the path of the source file or directory that you wish to copy to your site.