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Use rsync

Using rsync is the easiest way to continuously update your site.

You’ll need sftp access to setup rsync so make sure you can sftp to your site first.

The rsync command

You can copy files to your server using rsync over SSH via:

rsync -e 'ssh -p 2022' -avz file.txt


  • file.txt is the file or directory you want to copy.
  • admin_123 is your username and site id separated by an underscore.
  • wp_xyz is your server name.

Again, you can use any valid hostname for your site. See the rsync documentation for further information about the *many* supported rsync options.

Using SSH keys to securely avoid entering your password

Create a file named admin.authorized_keys where ‘admin’ is the literal username of the desired user. Each line of the file should contain a public ssh key. For instance, you may create an initial file like:

cat ~/.ssh/ > admin.authorized_keys

The format of this file is the same as a regular authorized_keys file found in the home .ssh directory.

Once this file exists, sftp to the site and run the following commands:

mkdir _home
cd _home
mkdir ssh
put admin.authorized_keys
chmod 0400 admin.authorized_keys

And quit out of sftp.
When you run rsync as above, you will no longer be prompted for a password.