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Tutorial: Stripe

In order to use most of the functionality of this plugin, you’ll need a Stipe account.

Registration is free, and you can run in test mode without connecting your bank account.

Once you have an account, make sure you are in test mode and
create some products and associated prices.

One time products should only have a single price to start with. You may add more prices later as you charge more, but products should start with one, default price.

Subscriptions – products that have recurring prices – may have more than one price, each with a different duration. The most common example of this being monthly vs yearly pricing. Or you may offer an initial ‘lifetime’ price or a pay-as-you-go price.


Here is the sample data we’ll use in subsequent tutorials. Create this data in your test account.
You can completely reset your Stripe test account later if you no longer need these products.

If you are comfortable running a php script, then you can use this project to create the test data:


The sample product(s) will be books by Arthur Conan Doyle (of Sherlock Holmes fame) in PDF version.

A Study in Scarlet

Cover Image

Text Only

Full Version

Give the product any price you like, say $1.


Create two products, ‘Silver Level’ and ‘Gold Level’:


Give the Silver level a recurring price of $2 per day and the Gold level $3/day. Using daily gives us more test payment data.

Credit cards

Stripe provides several test credit card numbers that can be used to make test purchases.

Stripe Test Credit Cards