Tutorial: Branding your site

Consistent branding is essential for site conversion rates so the appearance of this plugin is entirely customizable. Goals Whenever someone purchases something from your site, a login is automatically created on your site as a ‘subscriber’.This allows users to update their payment methods, cancel subscriptions, track payments anddownload restricted content. Prerequisites Login The default login

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Tutorial: Selling a subscription and creating a membership site.

Subscriptions allow you to charge your customers for an item on a recurring basis. Using subscriptions you can create a full-featured membership sitewith your content gated in any fashion you choose. In this tutorial, we’ll create a membership site with three different levels: Bronze content will be available for free for any registered user.Gold and

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Tutorial: Selling a single product

This tutorial will show you have to sell a single product.Even if you plan to only sell subscriptions, start here for the plugin basics(and you’ll likely want to add single-purchases to your subscriptions anyway). Assuming you’ve already done the prerequisites, then this tutorial should take you no more than 10 minutes. Prerequisites Create a checkout

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Tutorial: Stripe

In order to use most of the functionality of this plugin, you’ll need a Stipe account. Registration is free, and you can run in test mode without connecting your bank account. https://dashboard.stripe.com/register Once you have an account, make sure you are in test mode andcreate some products and associated prices. One time products should only

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