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Understand how Stripe API keys are used

The Payments plugin uses Stripe API keys to connect to your Stripe account.

The private Stripe API key is kept on your server and never shared with any third-party, including Mindspun.

The Payments plugin uses the private key for such things as (among others):

  • Setting up webhooks in order to be automatically notified when account changes occur.
  • Synchronizing products, prices and subscriptions for faster information lookup.
  • Relating customers in Stripe to users in WordPress.

The Payments plugin does NOT do any of the following:

  • Charge fees in addition to Stripe.
  • Report any account information to third-parties.

Many plugins use Stripe Connect instead of having the user provide API keys. Stripe Connect gives the plugin developer direct access about your Stripe account and allows them to levy additional charges on every purchase if they so choose. Mindspun does not use Stripe Connect for any purpose.