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Generate license keys

The Mindpsun Payments plugin can automatically generate a software license key for any product purchased on your site.

License keys are generated by connecting to a WordPress site running the Software License Manager plugin. The server can be a separate one or the same one running Mindspun Payments. The SLM plugin must be installed and configured separately.

Connect to the licensing server.

Once a licensing server is created, connect the Payments plugin to that server using the ‘Licensing Server’ section of the ‘Settings’ admin page.

The URL is the top-level URL of the licensing site, and the ‘Secret key’ is found under SLM -> Settings -> General Settings in admin.

Use licensing keys

Once the licensing server is connected, you can specify which products need licensing keys.

Go to Payments -> Products in admin and select the product you wish to license. Under the ‘Settings’ section of the page is a checkbox; select it and hit save.

The Stripe product automatically controls the duration of the license.

The license for a subscription automatically expires when the subscription does. When a subscription is renewed, so is the license. When a subscription is canceled, the license is set to ‘Expired.’

Licensed one-time products – i.e., non-subscriptions – received a lifetime license.