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Using Coupons and Promotion Codes

New in 1.3

Coupons and promotion codes (sometimes called customer-facing coupon codes) attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and increase sales by providing incentives to purchase.

Mindspun Payments supports Stripe coupons and promotion codes, allowing you to apply discounts to subscriptions and one-time purchases.

Like products, coupons are created in the Stripe dashboard and automatically synced to your site.


Stripe does not natively support discounts on one-time purchases, but Mindspun Payments accepts the coupon and automatically discounts the total. This approach leads to some differences in coupon handling, primarily around coupon restrictions.

  • First-time use coupons only apply to subscriptions. An allowable coupon for a one-time purchase can be used repeatedly, not just on the first purchase. First-time use coupons work as expected for subscriptions.
  • Redemption limits are not supported for one-time, non-recurring purchases. Validity dates are supported.
  • Duration does not affect one-time purchases.