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Change a template

The structure of nearly all elements is controlled by templates. Experienced developers can override the corresponding template to change the HTML structure as needed. This includes:

  • Shortcodes
  • Modals (like the checkout modal)
  • Forms
  • Emails

All templates are located in the templates subdirectory of the plugin.

Templates should be modified in a theme instead of directly in the plugin.

  • In your theme, create a directory named pay_templates.
  • Located the template you want to change in the templates directory of the plugin.
  • Copy that template php file input your pay_templates directory taking care to maintain any subdirectory structure.
  • Modify as desired.


When modifying a form via a template, each form has two attributes that must be kept:

  • A submit button with a specific name attribute. The name is used to process the action when
    the form is submitted. The name must be unchanged for the form to work.
  • A standard WP nonce.