The confetti add-on allows you to show a confetti animation whenever a user purchases a product. When enabled, the animation automatically shows on the page load for a ‘Thank-you’/’Checkout success’ page or whenever showing a ‘Thank-you’ block on the checkout page. Carefully consider the preferences of your customers whenever using this add-on.

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The email add-ons allow you to customize the emails sent by WordPress. Using the block editor, you can create full HTML-based email messages containing information specific to your site without writing any code or using a different plugin. How it works The email template is a custom post type named ’email.’ Each instance of the

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New in 1.1 The WordPress Repo add-on allows you to host your premium WordPress plugin or theme with the Software Licensing add-on. Steps Caveat: You cannot update a plugin on the same server running the repo add-on. When you perform the update, WordPress goes into maintenance mode, so it can’t download the bundle. This is

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The ‘JSON Web Tokens’ add-on allows outside applications to authenticate against your WordPress site using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). This authentication mechanism prevents the need for separate usernames and passwords. If you’re building a SaaS, your WordPress site can act as your application’s identity provider (IDP). This means you have a consistent set of users

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The ‘Strong Passwords’ add-on forces users to use more secure passwords than base WordPress. When enabled, you can set a minimum length and complexity for user passwords. The complexity score measures how difficult the password is to crack. This approach is more secure than the common method of forcing users to enter some combination of

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The ‘Software Licensing’ add-on allows you to generate license keys automatically when a product is purchased. Users’ license keys appear under ‘License Keys’ in the Account Management block. Setup See the Generate license keys how-to for a walkthrough of the setup process..

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