No-code web optimization.

Free your content and distribute it across the fastest edge servers around the globe.

No-code web optimization.

Plug & Play

No need to change hosting.

Mindspun integrates with your current host or CMS admin

interface, enabling performance upgrades without any DevOps changes or a site migration.

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Automatically Manages Core Web Vitals

Mindspun optimizes your site automatically, every time it deploys. Think static site generation with an additional optimization layer in place.

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Easy to Use Dashboard

Access the Mindspun dashboard from within your CMS admin panel to get full of performance data for your supercharged site.

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Get Started With Mindspun Today.

Your site can experience all the performance enhancements immediately upon signing up.

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Fall in Love With
Our Features.

Blazing Fast

Static pages are served in real time instead of being recreated each time, resulting in unmatchable performance.


Never worry about spikes in web traffic hurting your performance. Never pay for capacity you don't need, 'just in case'.


All images are automatically converted to reduce file size, and JS/CSS is optimized to load faster.

Plug & Play

Works with any hosting provider. Mindspun is managed through your existing WordPress admin interface.


A full suite of Mindspun reporting tools are available from within your WordPress admin.


Friendly, responsive support for any questions you might have. Reach out via our form for a speedy human response.