Creating a new site on Mindspun creates a default home page that is different from the normal Ghost index page.  The GhostStead theme uses this page like a traditional site home page by presenting the user with a banner, additional information and a contact form.  See the demo site as an example.

The home page content is defined by the page whose slug is home in your list of pages in the Ghost admin interface.  You can theme this page by either:

  1. Using a custom template for that page.
  2. Creating a home.hbs file in your theme (as the GhostStead theme does).

How to reset routes.yaml to the Ghost default

If you choose a different Ghost theme or you want to use a list of posts as your home page, you'll need to reset your Ghost instance to not include the /home route.  

WARNING: If you delete the page with the slug '/home' and don't reset your routes.yaml file, then you'll get a 404 error on for the home page of your site.
WARNING: These instructions reset your routes.yaml to the Ghost default settings.  Any additional customization of this file that you've made will be lost.

To reset the routes.yaml file to the Ghost default - i.e. to not include a home page - perform the following steps:

1 - Create routes.yaml

Open a text editor and create a file named routes.yaml with the following content


    permalink: '/{slug}/'
      - index

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

2 - Open the Ghost admin interface

Navigate to settings -> labs in Ghost and select 'Upload routes YAML'.

Select the file you just created and click 'Open'.

That's it!  The default page of your site will now be the blog index page - which every Ghost theme is required to contain.