Welcome to Mindspun's documentation!

This documentation includes all the general offerings about all the plans by Mindspun.  It will assist you in creating your site with your specific needs using the state-of-the-art Ghost publishing platform.

As the owner and administrator of a Mindspun site, there are two applications that you'll interact with: the Mindspun administration dashboard and the admin panel for your site.  Each of these applications is completely dissimilar, with a distinct look and feel and each maintains a separate user account.  Only the person who created the site will be verified and authenticated to access the Mindspun dashboard, whereas any number of users may be added to the Ghost site using the admin panel.

Mindspun Dashboard

Here, you can start building a new site right after a specific plan is purchased.   See the ‘Getting Started’ Tutorial for a guided walk through its detailed information.

Getting Help

You can tap on the help icon, next to every form input in the Mindspun application for and it will take you to a context sensitive help page providing more information on the task you're trying to perform.

Create new Mindspun website

The above webpage is the 'Create Site' page - the first page you'll interact with after signing up.  This icon appears on page and you are just a click away from detailed help documentation.