The first step you'll take after signing up for a Mindspun plan is to create your site.

To create the site, click on the 'Create Site' button below the welcome messages in your Mindspun dashboard.

Next step is naming your site through the screen you get to see next.

Create Mindspun Site

Choosing a name may be hard. But it's important to choose it precisely as it may not be changed later, but remember that your users will most likely interact with your site via a custom domain, so the name of the site impacts the site authors and admins who will access your site using the admin domain.

The name of the site displaying this documentation is mindspun-help.

The site name must contain only letters, numbers or the hyphen (-) character.  No other punctuation or whitespace is allowed. The name is case-insensitive so uppercase or lowercase letters don't really matter.

One further requirement, while the name may contain the hyphen (-) character, the name may not begin or end with a hyphen.  This means that both -mindspun and mindspun- are invalid names for a site.

Site names could be maximum of 63 characters.

Fun fact: site names become DNS labels which is why the name must be in such a strict format.

Once you've settled on a name, click the 'Create Site' button.   Creating your site may take several minutes as a new Ghost instance is spun up and configured.  Be patient, stay on this page.  Don't refresh your browser or navigate away.  Once the site is ready, you'll be automatically redirected to the dashboard where the URL for you new site will be displayed.

To navigate to your site, click the 'GO' button and your site will be opened in a new tab.  The 'GO' button will take you to the admin panel for your Ghost instance.

That's it!  You site is now publicly accessible and ready to be set up.  Next you can configure the site and start using it.

Next Steps