Ghost allows you to create any number of custom templates that can be applied to specific posts or pages.  These custom templates can be given any look and feel you wish.

Create the template file

A custom template is just another Handlerbars .hbs file that begins with the prefix 'custom-'.  For example, we'll create 'custom-great-layout.hbs'.

Create a custom template file

It's often easy to copy and paste any existing file and make changes from there.

Restart Ghost

Ghost does not see new template files until you restart it.  If you are using the steady-cli for your theme development (and you should be) then run the following:

steady stop
steady start

Create a page or post that uses the new template

The last step is to use the theme you just created by applying the theme to a page or post.  Edit a page or post in the ghost editor then open the admin panel by clicking the gears icon in the upper, right-hand corner.  At the bottom of the admin panel - you may have to scroll down a bit to find it - will be a drop down listing all available templates - including the default one.   Ghost automatically converts the name to a more human-readable one in the dropdown list.  In our example, the template file is named 'custom-great-layout.hbs' so Ghost converts the name to 'Great Layout'.

Select the new template

Save or update, then visit the page and you'll see your new theme applied.

Note: you only need to restart Ghost once when you create a new template file.  Any subsequent changes to that template will automatically show up when you reload the page.