These are the options the user sees in the Cloudflare app when they click the 'Advanced' checkbox.

Cloudflare advanced checkbox

The options a user sees depends their selection for 'Embed Method'.

Common options

These are the options a users sees for both 'Embed Method' selections.

Additional routes

Additional routes allow your to make Mindspun instances show up a any url in your site you choose.

Additional routes dialog

For instance, if you want to use a separate Ghost site for your help documentation you could make it available under /help/ by entering /help/ into the Route text input and choosing the site from the dropdown.

Specifying both Route and Site in the dialog defines a route; any dialogs missing one or both of these choices is simply ignored.

You add as many routes as you choice by clicking the 'Add' button.

NOTE: the site custom URL is NOT updated for sites added in this manner.  You'll likely want to set the custom url for the target site too.

Show configuration

The 'Show configuration' option allows you to disable the Mindspun configuration information displayed at /mindspun.json.

Show configuration option

When this option is enabled (the default), you can see how your Mindspun Cloudflare app is currently configured by visiting that URL with your browser.

The JSON file returned contains no sensitive information.

Proxy Options

These advanced options are only relevant to the 'Proxy' embed method and are hidden with the user chooses the 'Origin' embed method.

Proxy routes

There are the URLs on your site that will show Ghost content.

Cloudflare proxy routes

You can choose to disable a particular URL or control its look and feel using templates.

Special routes

These are the routes that Ghost itself needs to work properly.  They include URLs for the post images,  the Ghost API and the Ghost admin site.

Cloudflare 'special' routes

Note that these routes don't have templates since they are aren't pages that a normal user would view directly.