When there is duplicate content on your site, or when there are different ways to get to the same content, search engines can get confused.

That isn’t good for SEO, so we want to make sure that search engines have the correct information for where they can find the original.

We solve this by using Canonical URLs in order to tell search engines which page is the main one.

Here’s an example -- take a look at these two URLs:

  1. mindspun.mindspun.io
  2. mindspun.com

They both have the same data, but #1 is the admin domain, used solely for site administration.

We don’t want Google to give ANY SEO power to #1 and instead give ALL the SEO power to #2, the main URL.

So in order to do this, we make sure that mindspun.com is the Canonical URL, and then Google knows which to prioritize.

In terms of SEO, it’s better to have more links to one specific page instead of links spread out over multiple different pages.

So if your site has some duplicate content, instead of spreading out that SEO power across multiple different pages, it’s better to have all that SEO power flowing into one page.

Ghost sets the Canonical URL for you automatically so that search engines won’t get confused and you’ll get the best results.