Mindspun vs Ghost(Pro)

Trying to decide what hosting service to use for your Ghost-based site? Read this page. (spoiler alert: the answer is Mindspun!)

Mindspun vs Ghost(Pro)

Mindspun helps users create a modern CMS-backed website instead of just a publication.  Ghost(Pro) sites act more like news sites.  Of course, both are backed by the same fantastic Ghost software making them modern, fast and secure but only Mindspun helps you create the business site you really want.

Mindspun Ghost(Pro)
Focus Complete websites Media sites
Pricing Free for small sites, then $29/mo Managed hosting starts at $29/mo
Users Unlimited Only 2 for the base plan
Free trial Until you create 20 posts 14 days
Powered by Ghost Yes Yes

What both Mindspun and Ghost(Pro) provide

Both sites are powered by the same Ghost CMS giving you a fast, secure, and SEO-first site from day one.  No need to install endless plugins or tune performance with third-party software - your site will just work.

Why should I use Mindspun instead of Ghost(Pro)?

Mindspun helps you create the modern website you really want instead of just a news site.  Ghost(Pro) focuses on helping users create a paid membership business instead of full featured sites.

The proof is in the page, this site - the Mindspun main website - is entirely built using Mindspun whereas the Ghost(Pro) main site is separately hosted.

Content is the most important

The point of any site is content.  Content is why people come to your website in the first place.   It's important that anyone you want to contribute to your site can.  The most successful content strategies are those where the entire team contributes content.  Mindspun allows unlimited users so that this is never a problem.  Ghost(Pro) imposes strict limits on users - allowing only 2 for the base plan.

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